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The display of production workshop
Automatic TIG welding machine
  • This workshop is responsible for manufacturing gas tank, in a process that has been more than 90% mechanized. This workshop is equipped with automatic cutting equipment, automatic necking equipment, automatic welding machine, and double-gun protection welding machines, imported from the United States and other areas of the world. The gas tank quality and welding quality are both outstanding and stable.
  • Our company will carry out a hydrostatic test for each gas tank. We charge the gas to 1.5 times the design pressure and inserted into the tank, which is then submersed in water to check for leakage.
  • Appearance control: In order to ensure the appearance quality, an automatic polishing machine first treats the surface of the tank, followed by a manual second treatment.
  • The workshop is also equipped with a gas tank blasting laboratory. Professionals will regularly test and record the actual burst pressure of the gas tank (which should generally be 6 times that of the design pressure as the standard levels).
Pump head assembly workshop
Pump head installation

This workshop provides air pumps for the air compressor. It uses semi-automatic pipelines that are more efficient than traditional pipelines. This workshop is also equipped with an advanced air pump test bench, which tests whether the air pump can work properly when the rated voltage is floating up and down by 15%. After passing the test, the air pump will begin assembly.

Machine assembly workshop

The workshop uses a semi-automatic assembly line, and experienced staff is responsible for the assembly of the machine. This ensures an improvement in the production efficiency and ensures the final quality of all finished products.

Gas tank workshop
Motor test workshop
Automatic Inserting Machine
Automatic motor test bench

This workshop is responsible for supplying the motor to the air compressor. Our company uses F level (180 ° C) coils, which feature a long service life and low temperature rise. The workshop is also outfitted with a modern, automated assembly line and advanced processing technology. The automatic motor test bench can also test comprehensive projects. The pass rate is 99.8%.

Technology Center
  • This is a research and development center. The center has an ASME gas measurement device, intelligent variable frequency power supply, sound level meter, intelligent motor test system, vibration measuring instrument, infrared thermometer, comprehensive motor performance dynamometer and other equipment, all of which provide advanced and comprehensive equipment support for product development and design.
  • The technology center is also responsible for the detection of a certain proportion of products which have been tested, as well as keeping a record of that task. The products ship only after they pass the tests.

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