5.5HP Belt Drive Air Compressor

  •  5.5HP Belt Drive Air Compressor
  •  5.5HP Belt Drive Air Compressor
  •  5.5HP Belt Drive Air Compressor
  •  5.5HP Belt Drive Air Compressor

The 5.5 HP belt drive air compressor utilizes an Italian belt, and is suitable for powering pneumatic wrenches, spray guns and other pneumatic tools. As an air compressor, it is widely used for vehicle maintenance, factory manufacturing and shops.

Code Power Cylinder Displace-ment Tank Capacity
HP mm L/min L Usgal
SG2055A 2 55*2 200 50 13.21
SG2055B 3 55*2 200 100 26.41
SG2055C 3 55*2 200 150 39.63
SG2055D 3 55*2 200 200 52.84
SG2070A 3 70*2 300 50 13.21
SG2070B 3 70*2 300 100 26.41
SG2070C 3 70*2 300 150 39.63
SG2070D 3 70*2 300 200 52.84
SGH2080 5.5 80*2 480 200 52.84
SGH2090 5.5 90*2 600 300 79.26
SGY2055S 1.5 55*2 200 30 7.93
SGY2055SA 1.5 55*2 200 50 13.21
SGY2055SB 1.5 55*2 200 100 26.41
SGY2055A 2 55*2 200 50 13.21
SGY2055B 2 55*2 200 100 26.41
The details of SGY2055SB motor and air pump

The Italian parallel bar air pump has a number of advantages, including a high efficiency, low fuel consumption and no oil leakage.

Italian belt air compressor

The SGY2055SB gas tank is used to store compressed air features a new design. It saves money by maintaining the capacity, while still increasing the number of packings.

  • Through the use of a cylinder separation design, it is very convenient to maintain these air compressors. This particular air compressor is popular in Asia, the Middle East and other areas of the world.
  • The series of portable air compressors is based on the classic models, and are known for their outstanding efficiency. Compared to the classic air compressor, the high efficiency and energy saving belt air compressor uses a heavy-duty thicker cast iron air pump, designed in 2013. Its overall air supply, when compared to other traditional models, is higher by 50%. Add the advantages of a low energy consumption and no oil leakage, and this air compressor is applicable to a wide array of uses.
  • We use automatic production processes and imported LINKOLN welding equipment to produce the air compressor gas tanks. The actual load-bearing pressure of the storage tank is six times more than the design pressure, which can guarantee user safety.
  • The Italian belt air compressor uses an overall spray process, with the spray appearance formed through an environmentally friendly, high temperature baking process.
  • Our company manufactures energy-efficient motors through the use of pure copper wire, which still operates normally, even when the voltage fluctuates at ±25% and operates for more than 5,000 hours.
  • A full range of these air compressor products are CE certified, and meet EU export requirements.
  • The product has a 100% factory pass rate. Before leaving the factory, all belt air compressors undergo extensive testing and inspection, including raw material inspection, motor performance test, gas tank internal welding quality inspection, leak test of the gas tank under pressure, leak test of the whole motor, and overall performance test in order to ensure the reliable performance.
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