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Oil Free Air Compressor

  •  Oil Free Air Compressor
  •  Oil Free Air Compressor
  •  Oil Free Air Compressor
  •  Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil free portable air compressors are used for oral, endoscopy, cleaning tank, pharmaceutical industry, food fermentation, life sciences, biotechnology, analytical instruments, measuring instruments, water treatment, laboratory, environmental monitoring, automation, coating surface treatment, beauty, clothing manufacturing, footwear industry, petrochemical industry, stage background, automotive brake and other applications requiring air compression. Because the portable air compressor operates with no need for lubrication oil, the gas output is far better than that of an air compressor that uses lubricating oil. In addition, it also features a low noise level, making it one of the most popular air compressor varieties in recent years.

Code Power Cylinder Displace-ment Tank Capacity
HP mm L/min L
SGW550 3/4 63.7*2 53 9
SGW750 1 63.7*2 75 24
SGW550*2 1.5 63.7*4 106 70
SGW750*2 2 63.7*4 150 90
  • We use an automatic production process and imported LINKOLN welding equipment to produce the gas tanks equipped on the oil free air compressor. The actual load-bearing pressure of the gas tanks is six times more than the design pressure, which guarantees user safety.
  • Compared to other similar products on the market today, the gas cylinders used in our air compressors are not only equipped with an oil water separator, but also take the lead in the internal and external electrostatic spraying rust prevention treatment. This results in a stronger oil free effect, ensuring the top performance levels of the portable air compressor. Using a labyrinth iron silencer, this air compressor is quieter, and more powerful for the filtration of dust and noise, making it a truly quiet air compressor.
  • Our company manufactures energy-efficient motors using pure copper wire that still operates normally, even when the voltage fluctuates ±25%, or the air compressor operates for more than 800 hours. Each machine is equipped with a solenoid valve, which can effectively protect the normal operation of the machine and the overall performance.
  • We use an all-round thickening foam and high-strength corrugated boxes to package the oil free portable air compressor in order to fully guarantee the product safety during shipping.
  • A full range of products are certified to European CE standards, and meet European Union export requirements.
  • The portable oil free air compressor has a 100% factory pass rate. Before the compressor leaves the factory, each one undergoes extensive inspection, including: raw material inspection, motor performance test, gas tank internal welding quality inspection, leak test of the gas tank under pressure, leak test of the whole motor, and the overall performance test.
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