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Direct Drive Air Compressor

  •  Direct Drive Air Compressor
  •  Direct Drive Air Compressor
  •  Direct Drive Air Compressor
  •  Direct Drive Air Compressor

The series of direct drive air compressor is widely used as the force for gas nail guns, pneumatic screwdrivers, dispensers, foaming agents and other small equipment. The air compressor can also blow dust and paint for a clean work environment, as well as provide air necessary for inflatable applications. The compressor is known for its small size, fast inflation speed and portable use. Thanks to the design of a rubber wheel, users can easily move the equipment around their garage, shop or work site.

Specific recommended application
  • Making model: We can use the direct drive air compressor to compress air as the power source for a driving device to carry out multiple tasks, such as the usage of a 3D printer.

  • Painting: This air compressor can be used to sandblast or paint metal product surfaces, such as exterior wall spray or interior paint.

  • Decoration: The direct drive air compressor is also used to attach the connections between wood or hit nails in an accurate manner in the building construction industry.

  • Inflatable: It can be used to inflate car or bike tires, as well as blowing plastic bottles. In addition, the air compressor can be used for food filling or as a power source for air inflatables, such as bouncy castles.

  • The compressor can be used to clean the car surface, clothes and indoor grounds.

Code Power Cylinder Displacement Tank Capacity
HP mm L/min L
SGBM9021 2.5 48*1 213 24
SGBM9022 2 48*1 206 24
SGBM9023 1.5 42*1 158 24
SGBM9026 2.5 48*1 213 40/50
SGBM9031 2 47*1 198 24
SGBM9032 1.5 42*1 158 20
SGBM9033 2 47*1 198 50
SGBM9041S-30/50L 2.5 51*1 150 30/50
SGFL9102 2 47*1 198 24
SGDB9201 1 42*1 60 8
SGDB9233 1 42*1 140 8
SGBB9233 1 42*1 140 8
SGBM-50L 2 47*1 198 50
SGV9601 3 47*2 336 50
  • The main product accessories of the direct driven air compressor, including the gas cylinders, motors, crankcase, windshield and stent, are all produced by us here at Shimge. We use high quality materials, with an independent production rate of 85%.
  • We use automatic production processes and imported LINKOLN welding equipment to produce gas tanks. The actual load-bearing pressure of the gas tank is six times more than the design pressure, which guarantees user safety.
  • Direct driven air compressors use an overall spray process, the appearance of which is formed through a high temperature, environmentally friendly baking.
  • We also produce energy efficient motors for the air compressor, which still work properly even when the voltage fluctuates between ±25%, and feature an even stability, even after working longer than 5,000 working hours.
  • We use all-round thickening foam and high-strength corrugated boxes to package the direct driven air compressor in order to fully protect and guarantee the shipping safety.
  • A full range of products have been certified to European CE standards, and meet European Union export requirements.
  • The product has a 100% factory pass rate. Before leaving the factory, our air compressors undergo strict inspections, including raw material inspection, motor performance test, gas tank internal welding quality inspection, leak test of the gas tank under pressure, leak test of the whole motor, and overall performance test.
  • One year warranty
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